Collider Cab

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Fasten your seatbelt! The fate of Worlds Collide Con hangs in the balance. Our chauffeur is a no-show and the guests of honor are stranded. If we don't find a stand-in to wrangle our four stars and deliver them safely to Scholastic HQ before the colliders storm the lobby, this book bash is going to be a total bust. You'll have to dodge traffic to stay on top of the clock, and be prepared to make a few detours to keep your passengers happy (rumor has it we've got some prima donnas on our hands). Think you're up to the challenge?

High Scores

# Player Score
# Player Score
# Player Score
1 jadenecklace151 15157
2 jadeelf89 14300
3 dreamtimedetermined14 14025
4 zeusposeidon129 13875
5 midnightlynx99 13047
6 amberturtle48 13003
7 basiliskkraken110 12982
8 dancelion21 12982
9 racoonwave4 12891
10 bookishsparrow17 12671

Bumper Battle

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Grab a friend and let your favorite characters collide!

Bumper Battle is a two player game where goal is to bump your opponent off the platform into the water below. The game first debuted at the Worlds Collide Convention 2015 in New York City and is now available for fans all over the world!

Each series has a driver in the Bumper Battle arena to compete: Saladin for 39 Clues, Dak for Infinity Ring, Abeke for Spirit Animals and the Bumbling Mummy for TombQuest.

Since this is a two player game you’ll need to share a keyboard with your opponent. Player 1 will use the "WASD" keys to drive their bumper car and Player 2 will use the arrow keys. To select your character, use the arrow keys and press enter.